Disadvantages Of Current Systems


Paper has been eliminated in nearly every faucet of business except …


  • Time Consuming

  • Penciling In

  • On Site

Mobile Device-Barcodes?



Quickly Obsolete

DOES NOT offer proof of inspection since operators can scan barcodes from ANYWHERE!


Shock/Water Proof

May be scanned showing location “without being at site” and GPS does not work Inside
Outside not always accurate location depending on location of Towers

Some Companies going to Mobile/Handhelds Barcode Report spending $100-200K only to go back to prior paper reporting system due to:

Cost, Employee dissatisfaction, Downtime-causing internal problems

In-House or Contract

Commercial Cleaning

Companies with Safety Solutions

Good Housekeeping and Safety is critical

3IDTrac will tailor program to address specific needs for each customer

OSHA stresses - checklist to identify hazards

OSHA inspections can bring enforcement actions found to be in violation. 3IDTrac provides a report that shows any deficiencies that were uncovered during your inspections. The report includes the detected hazards, so you may compare to OSHA regulations that are not in compliance, and then implement the proper solution to correct the violation.

3IDTrac designed to answer all issues above: includes Incident Report if needed, and Missed Sites reported during inspections

i-Button Technology Provides Proof Of Inspection

Handwritten paper reports can be easily falsified. Barcodes can be easily copied and scanned from any location. Only i-Buttons, located at the inspection location, with a unique serial number, insure the employee was at the physical location at the time of the inspection.

The durable reader, built with stainless steel construction, records the time and location of the inspection and the Trac 365 pad allows entry of supporting alpha-numeric data.



One System - 5 Solutions Any Industry or Application

ONLY OTI provides "Proof At Site"

Microsoft SQL Software



vs. Handwritten paper reports

vs. Barcodes

i-Chip/Buttons placed at location or equipment

Insures the employee was at location



Eliminates Electronic Mobile Devices

Trac 365 Pad Data Entry Easy and Accurate

Integration i-Chip/Buttons to Data Pads

Do not try this with mobile device



  • Water-Proof
  • Records Date/Time Location
  • Shock-Proof
  • Battery operated - no charging
  • Memory 120,000 readings!
  • Confirms entry LED / 'Vibrate'
  • Electronic mobile devices-
    not heavy-duty
  • No planned obsolescense
  • No Protection Plan needed

How Trac 365 Works

  • Place i-Buttons

    Place small, stainless steel, weather resistant i-Buttons at any location or on any asset requiring inspection.

  • Touch i-Buttons

    Employees touch the i-Button with the easy to use reader and record inspection data with the customized Trac 365 pad.

  • Download Data

    Place the i-Button reader in the docking station and download all inspection data to the easy to access Microsoft SQL database.


  • Enter Questions now printed on 365 Pad, simply touch the assigned # 1-9,999
  • Touch 'Answer' i-Chip after each 'Question'
  • If needed, 'touch' Category to track
  • Enter on-the-spot Documentation with Alpha/
    Numeric Keypad

How we do it!


  • 31) Secure Door ?

    32) Unsecured Door

    33) Park Space #

    34) License #

  • 35) Meter Reading

    36) Elevator #

    37) Escalator #

    38) Incident Report #

  • 39) Lost & Found

    40) Fire Alarm

    41) Temperature

    42) Police Badge #


  • 43) Pass Inspection

    44) Needs Refilling

  • 45) Replace Unit

    46) 5# Dry Chemical

  • 47) 20# Carbon Dioxide

    48) Damaged

enter assigned Incident or Question # - documents report - customized by customer

Document on-the-spot data:

Numeric Keypad enter: Room #, Meter Readings, Parking Space #, Temp, Exit Light Out, Fire Ext Zone/Location #"

Alpha Keypad enter: Names, License Plates, Descriptions, Codes.

'touch' choice of 'Answer i-Button' , documents each Incident or Question at site

Wireless Security Inspection System

    Eliminate Paper Forms
  • 3ID eliminates Paper Forms & Manual Data entry
  • 3IDSecurity provides “Proof of Inspections.
    ‘Customized’ for each Application
  • See what we do for your company
    Management wants accountability and standardized inspection methods for all departments, Security, Fire Safety Inspections, Lost & Found, Engineering, Preventive Maintenance, Equipment inspections, Housekeeping, no limitations.
  • 3ID

    3ID Docking Station downloads Touch Reader to computer.

    Database is immediately available to view/print a choice of Reports by Date Range, Employee, Location, or Incidents

    Data may be updated by the customer, no need for IT involvement

    The 3ID database may be saved to a server for back-up and viewed by remote users

i-Chip/Button Memory

Any type Inspections

  • Rest
  • Industrial
  • Equipment
  • Office
  • Porta
  • Exits

Any type Business

  • Commercial/
  • Office Complexes
  • Schools
  • Grocery
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Line Inspections
  • Oil Drilling



Customized Solutions Trac any type of Service

System by Orange Technologies see all 5 Solutions @ OTISolution.com

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Employee must be @ Site to touch i-Button/Chip otherwise will not show in report
Thereby providing ‘Proof’ vs. Paper or Barcodes. Proof @ Site, Paperless, Data Searchable

i-Button/Chip contains unique serial number @ each ‘touch’ date/time, Location or Equipment data is ‘captured’. Data is downloaded to PC @ end of shift/day. Inspection data is uploaded to a Microsoft SQL database for paperless archiving, easy review, search, or print.