‘Wireless’ Data Collection
Inspection System

Eliminate Paper Forms

#1 – 3IDTrac a mobile Inspection Software system for on-site inspections. Eliminates handwritten paper forms, Manual Data Entry,
or expensive handheld computers, and reduces costs, maintenance, obsolescence and training. Software is intuitive and easy to use
without computer training. Inspection management solution for companies of all sizes and budgets.

         The ONLY ‘Trac Pad’ on the market, made in the USA, non-electronic, durable, shock proof, water proof,
lightweight, alpha/numeric keypad, no on-going fees, and may be customized by customer as needed, no IT required

#2 – 3IDTrac provides “Proof of Inspections” to Meet OSHA Requirements providing a mobile workflow solution.
Configure your own Checklist/ Questions to the Trac Pad device that allows  Answers/ Footnotes to any customer Question and the
ability to add on-the-spot Alpha/Numeric entries

    • Employee must be at inspection site to ‘touch’ Site i-Chip (dime-size contains ID) using the Touch Reader to confirm actual Inspection.
    • In Comparison, Handwriting or Barcodes may be entered without actually being at Site

Data Authentication - Touch Trac Data Tablet

  • 3ID minimizes liability issues and provides an easy-to-use solution.
    Data collection and reporting software makes it easy to create templates, collect data, and communicate findings.
  • 3ID converts customer’s questions and answers from paper inspection forms to the 3ID Trac Pad .
  • Resulting in electronic reports – eliminating manual data entry and the storage of paper forms for Safety, Fire Safety, Security, OSHA, Facility Inspections.
  • ‘Exclusive’ 3ID Trac Pad (non-electronic, no down-time), replaces multiple paper forms. Customer questions are placed on 3ID Trac Pad to document – with specific Answers. i.e. Yes-No-N/A or ‘any reply’ needed by customers to comply with Code Enforcement.
  • 3ID assigns # 1-9,999 to each Question – Simply ‘touch’ the assigned # with ‘handheld’ Touch Reader to confirm Question ‘touch’ Enter and Enter Answer i.e. Yes/No/N-A.
  • Trac Pad                On-The-Spot_small                         i-chip_touch_reader

Includes Alpha/Numeric Keypad to document ‘on-the-spot’ inspections i.e. Names, Room #, Temperature, Codes, Status or Other Conditions when needed, No Limitations.

3ID Docking Station downloads Touch Reader to computer. Database is immediately available to view/print a choice of Reports by Date Range, Employee, Location, or Questions/ Remarks.

Companies have related to us spending $100,000 + on a Hand Held Computer system when replacing paper forms, only to revert to their old system within a year due to ongoing Maintenance and Reliability costs.

3ID Trac System includes: Microsoft SQL Server based Software, Trac Pad duplicating your forms, Touch Reader and
50 Location i-Chips (may add more at $3.95)

Respond Now to receive ‘No Charge’ offer to transfer your Paper Form to 3ID ‘Sample’ Trac Pad!

Trac Pad ‘Customized’ for each Application

System has been demonstrated at NSC (National Safety Council), ASSE, and ASIS Business Shows.

See what we can do for your Company!
Management wants accountability and standardized inspection methods for all departments, including Safety, Fire Safety Inspections, Engineering, Preventive Maintenance, Manufacturing/Production, Security, Equipment inspections, Fleet Tracking, Housekeeping, no limitations.

3ID Trac Pad allows employees to accurately record all necessary data for multiple departments.

3ID = choice of: i-Chip Memory


(Asset Inventory)

Touch Memory Chip RFID-tag Barcode - Programable