Cleaning Inspection Solution
                                                        ‘Wireless’ Data Collection
3ID Trac Inspection System

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Eliminate Paper Forms

Whether you are an In-House user or a Service Company providing Services
ToEmployee  Inspected Siteday companies want to document the work is done and show ‘Proof’ at                                   
every-step-of-the-way, with Date/Time stamped-documentation

In the past, inspections were documented verbally or hand-written paper forms. Now systems are being offered
to streamline documentation using electronic devices with Barcodes. However, barcodes can be scanned
without being at site (users copy barcodes to device), so no-proof of inspection, barcodes easily defaced, and
requires periodic replacements (labor intensive). Other solutions using mobile phone to show Employees
on-site location, but GPS does not work inside of buildings. Latest generation offers ‘cloud services’ but
costs rise due to monthly services, setup fees, and charges for each service/app requested, plus down-time is another factor.

3ID offers the solutions to all of these problems. To provide ‘proof at site’ using Touch Memory i-Chips, size of a dime,
Touch Memory Chipstainless steel, low one-time cost, may be used in harsh environments, and no need to replace over the years. Install i-Chip
at each location or equipment requiring Date/Time data recorded and with programmed location name. Affix with adhesive
or screw-on mounts. Touch Reader is download to 3ID software and many reports are available, including showing any
sites ‘Missed’. Database may be searched for any Location, Employee, Date Range, and Remarks added.


Companies use 3IDTrac as ‘Competitive Advantage’ to attract new customers.

3IDTrac fulfills requirements for any Market: Cleaning Companies, Janitorial Services, Schools/Universities, Government, Office Complexes,
Hi-Rise Buildings, Property Management, Hotels/Resorts, Hospitals/Medical Centers, Airports, Banks, Transit Systems, Contract Security,
Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, Condominiums, Museums, Terminals, Sports Arenas, Convention Centers, Truck Fleets
No Limitations, or Applications: Portable Restrooms Cleaning, Safety Inspections, Fire Extinguisher, Exit Lights, Preventive Maintenance,
Mileage, Temperature, and more.